Black Creek Watershed Facts

  Size: The area of Black Creek Watershed is:
    202 square miles which equals 128,358 acres.
stream Length: The length of Black Creek is: 46 miles.

  Towns: Black Creek Watershed encompasses 14 towns:
Chili, Batavia, Bergen, Bethany, Byron, Clarendon, Elba, Le Roy, Middlebury, Ogden, Riga, Stafford, Sweden, and Wheatland.

  Population: There are 35,030 people living in the watershed (Census 2000, census block centroids within watershed).

49% of these people live in the town of Chili.  The next highest percentage is Riga with 15%.

An additional 11,771 people live in census blocks which are partially contained in the watershed but whose centroids are outside the watershed, making a total of 46,081 people with potential impact on and concern for the Black Creek Watershed.
  Four towns have more than 85% of their population living in the watershed: Riga (100%), Byron (100%), Bergen(96%), and Stafford(86%).

land use Land Use: 79% of the land in the watershed is agricultural/idle.